July 1, 2009

"X Marks The Spot" by WkdWill

Load this layout in Moonlight Mahjong.

Requires Moonlight Mahjong 1.1 or later.
408 tiles


AnonymousLady said...

Awesome looking layout. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to load. Maybe a broken link or something. I will definitely try back later.

Mike said...

I don't see a problem with the link. You could try restarting your phone.

AnonymousLady said...

Hmmm.... I'm able to load all the other layouts but still not this one. I'm confused.

Mike said...

Oh - you are right, the link didn't work on iPhone OS 2.2. It's because of a known issue with OS 2.2; I didn't see it because I upgraded to OS 3.0 on my primary iPhone. It's fixed now; thanks for pointing it out.

CrazyInBama said...

It's working for me now. Thanks!

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