July 20, 2009

"Star Wars" by Tergo

Load this layout in Moonlight Mahjong.

144 tiles.


Unknown said...

Great - now I have the "Star Wars" theme going through my head, PLUS I'm probably going to get sued by Lucasfilm Ltd. Thanks a lot, Tergo ;-)

Tergo said...

Not to worry, I got George's permission : )
This gives me a good idea, you need to add a tile that has the little registered trademark 'r' on it. I think you should send them a bill for the free publicity.

CrazyInBama said...

This is great!

Can you also make it so we can do layouts with tiles going in different directions? And maybe square tiles of different sizes? The 'artist' in me is going wild. ;-)

Unknown said...

Sadly no; that would be a different app, although possibly a fun one.

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