November 6, 2009

A Little Help Please?

Hi all - I need to interrupt the flow of layouts with a request for a little help. The problem is that the App Store's user review system does not, in fact, work that well. Since the 1.3.1 update, Moonlight Mahjong's visible star rating has gone down to three stars, because one way they calculate it is by ratings for the current version only - and version 1.3.1 only has a handful of reviews at this point. This apparent three-star rating is completely wrong, in my humble opinion, but it appears to be negatively impacting our sales. If that happens, it means it'll be harder for me to keep on coming out with nice updates - like the new free-tile highlighting, which seems to be have been well-received. So if you've bought Moonlight Mahjong and love it, but haven't reviewed it in the past, now would be a really good time for you to give the app a star rating and a few favorable words. You can do that by following this link to Moonlight Mahjong on the App Store.


CrazyInBama said...

It is my pleasure to help show everyone how great this app is. I tried quite a few others before I used this app, and I can honestly say that this app is hands down the best!

Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to make this app so wonderful!

My 5 star rating and personal opinion have been submitted to the app store and I saw where other users love it just like I do!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

steveo said...

I've just left a 5 stR rating on the iTunes site. My wife plays this every day.

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