August 21, 2009

"The Mysterious Hourglass" by Daniel3000

Warning: With 2480 tiles, this one moves slow even on an iPhone 3GS. Check out that screenshot, though.

Load this layout in Moonlight Mahjong.

2480 tiles


Mike said...

It's gotten to the point where I just shake my head in wonder at some of these layouts that people do. That's pretty cool.

Next week we'll have some smaller ones, though.

Tergo said...

Wow, this took a lot of work no doubt. Really looks cool, hope my phone doesn't melt.

Mike said...

Be careful, it might. (melt, that is)

Amy said...

My iPhone 3gs is really struggling with this one.

Tergo said...

Amazing, I tamed this beast with a 100%! It was sort of funny, at the end when all the tiles rise up at the same time, my phone couldn't handle it and locked up.

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