September 28, 2008

"Holey" by Sorako-chan

Be warned: at 414 tiles, this one is no lightweight. In some ways I hesitate to post it, because it takes a long time to shuffle, takes a long time to play, and pushes the edge of what Moonlight Mahjong can currently handle in terms of size. But I have to post it, because Sorako-chan has contributed one of my favorite layouts so far. The detail is inside the deceptively simple-looking box.


bassadiction said...

one of my favorites you must try it
kudos to Sorako-chan cause he rocks at making layouts

Michael Howard said...

She, I think. But I agree :-)

Mark said...

I often reach the end of the game without a notification. I even had one game start with no moves. I think there might be removable tiles inside the Holey setup which are not accessible.

Mike said...

Yes, that's at least possible; this one was created a long time ago, before I really understood that you could have hidden free tiles. Still it's one of my favorites.

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